Senators Durbin and Obama attend RAMM Banquet in 2005

Rockford Association for Minority Management had its origin as the brainchild of several young African-American managers seeking the camaraderie and sociality of others like themselves. Its inception was in May 1980 and it has since become the most prolific 501(c)3 African-American non-profit organization in the Rockford region. Its original purpose was to enhance the contributions of minority management in business, industry, and the community at large. However, taken aback by the disenfranchisement of and a dearth of available resources and opportunities for African-American youth in the Rockford community, RAMM has since invested its resources in helping young people of African-American origin to become the best they can be.

Due to its high profile and noteworthy excellence, RAMM has garnered the respect of the Rockford community at large, and the business community in particular, manifesting its success in raising monies which have enabled RAMM to award over $650,000 in scholarships to deserving African-American students. The annual RAMM Scholars Banquet held on the last Friday of February of each year has become the largest scholarship fundraiser in the community. It draws upwards of 800 attendees and affords the community the opportunity to meet, greet, and be stimulated by dynamic speakers from throughout America.

Since 1981, scholarships numbering 485 have been awarded totaling over $650,000. Of the 485 RAMM scholars, approximately 80 percent of them have graduated from college or are on target to do so. Of the 80 percent who have graduated, 20 percent have returned to the Rockford community and a number have become RAMM members in an effort to help those minority students who desire to excel to be successful in their chosen fields of endeavor.