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'Best and brightest' honored by RAMM

Posted Feb 28, 2009 by Cathy Bayer

The 24 high school seniors recognized for the Rockford Association for Minority Management are the exception to the rule when it comes to much of the Rockford areaís youth. Patrick Hardy told the students that just before the start of todayís RAMM Scholars Banquet at Giovanniís Restaurant.

Scholarship winners= words music to RAMM

Posted Feb 18, 2009 by Sean F. Driscoll

Agreeing to return to the Rock River Valley after college isnít a prerequisite to receive a scholarship from the Rockford Association for Minority Management.

Awards spell success for newest RAMM Scholars

Posted Mar 01, 2008 by Melissa Westphal

Talk about the high school seniors named as Rockford Association for Minority Management and you'll hear similar themes.

"You are all ready to rule the world"

Posted Feb 29, 2008 by Melissa Westphal

College is expensive, and students need financial aid. But they also need the support of their families and community, which newly named Rockford Association for Minority Management Scholars received en masse Friday night.

RAMM set to honor 'outstanding' youth

Posted Feb 14, 2008 by Thomas V. Bona

Another set of young black scholars will be honored by a local organization later this month.

Gwynn Gulley: Representing Rockford

Posted Nov 18, 2007

Attorney Gwyn Gulley is a beauty with brains who knows her law and has always called Rockford home.

Aiming high, working hard

Posted Feb 24, 2007 by Thomas V. Bona

When the 55-meter race was done, he didn't stop running. He went around the entire 400-meter track.

RAMM scholarhips strengthen young people, community

Posted Jan 26, 2007 by Thomas V. Bona

In 1980, a group of employees from local businesses "thought that it was time for black managers and supervisors in Rockford to organize and make a contribution to our community."

Race an issue in judicial election

Posted Nov 02, 2006

For their next judge, voters in Winnebago and Boone counties have a choice between a 41-year-old Democratic woman and a 52-year-old Republican man.

GET TO KNOW ME: Dr. Allen Williams

Posted May 21, 2006

Who is he? Allen, 35, is an internist for SwedishAmerican Hospital at the Brookside Clinic, and soon to be moving to Woodside Clinic.

RAMM Scholars ready for the future

Posted Mar 06, 2006 by Rowena Vergara

When 33 students received scholarships to attend two-year and four-year institutions, they weren't just receiving an added financial bonus.

33 seniors awarded for hard work in, out of classroom

Posted Feb 25, 2006 by Rowena Vergara

Auburn High School senior Reggie Williams started working as a nursing home receptionist a year ago so she could help her mother pay the household bills.

RAMM to honor largest scholar class

Posted Feb 13, 2006 by Rowena Vergara

The Rocford Association for Minority Management will present scholarships Feb. 24 to 33 African-American high school students, the largest number given out in its 26-year history.

Kendall involved in many organizations

Posted Feb 03, 2006 by Cornia Curry

Rockford native Rebecca Cook Kendall is an active community volunteer and leader both through her position with the United Way of the Rock River Valley and the myriad organizations that she lends her talents to on any given day.

Series offers college, career advice to black students

Project LAUNCH, a six-week effort to get African-American high-schoolers thinking harder about college and careers, concluded Saturday with about 100 students attending a daylong series on enterance exams, financial aid and frame of mind.

Program to prep students for college career

Posted Oct 07, 2006

The Rockford Association for Minority Management will host its first Project LAUNCH, a free youth career-advancement program, from 8:30 a.m. to noon Saturday.

25 years of RAMM

Posted Mar 07, 2005 by Anna Voelker

A group of friends gathered for a Labor Day picnic in the summer of 1979, as they had done for many years.

Our View: A tribute to kids who do the right thing

Posted Mar 01, 2005

The smallest gestures matter. Dr. George Jenkins remembers being a 13-year-old in Newark, NJ, asking questions during a routine dental examination. The dentist took the time to explain each tool and what it was used for.

Obama Speaks at RAMM banquet

Posted Feb 26, 2006

The annual banquet of the Rockford Association for Minority Management Friday night at Cliffbreakers drew more than 1,000 people.

Our Views: Scholarship an inspiration

Posted Mar 02, 2004

We don't know which is more impressive: stories from the recipients of scholarships from Rockford Association for Minority Management or the organization itself.

Minority managers honor students with funds, mentoring

Posted Mar 01, 2004 by Anna Voelker

Duncan Sanders' exposure to black professionals was limited until a minority business program started in his high school.

Scholarship winners 'spiritual,' driven

Posted Feb 28, 2004 by Christine Byers

Wherever you start out in life is not really as important as where you end up.

Easier to burn the midnight oil for RAMM scholarship winners

Posted Jan 03, 2004 by Melissa Westphal

The laptop Elise Gilbert received Friday may give her the much-needed rest she's missed during her first semester at the University of Iowa

Gregory delivers a bracing message

Posted Mar 02, 2002 by Edith Webster

The term "role model" is terribly overused. Not only is former NBA bad boy Charles Barkley not one (as he once said in a TV commercial), neither are most other celebrities.

28 honored with RAMM scholarships

Posted Feb 23, 2002 by Mike Wiser

Dick Gregory has almost done it all, from stand-up comedy in the Playboy Club and civil rights activism to world humanitarian missions and writing diet books.

Dick Gregory tops RAMM bill

Posted Feb 21, 2002 by Georgette Braun

Auburn High School senior Ijeoma Okwumabua lokos up to author and activist Dick Gregory.

Museum plans black art exhibit

Posted Oct 15, 2002

Rockford Art Museum has inked a $55,000 deal to bring from Howard University an exhibit of work by prominent African Americans for Black History Month in February.